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Donors Hall of Fame

First:Larry / Shirley

The saying 'Behind every good man is a good woman' certainly is fitting with this dual award. For over 53 years, Shirley has been working with Larry in many ways, especially when it comes to baseball.

For years the banquet table seating for families and guests of the inductees were handled with her special touch, as were the decorations, signage, and other pertinent placements. She also found time to assist the other board members' wives with greetings, registrations, name tags and helped catalog, list sales information and collect for auction items.

Shirley assisted Larry with the banquet per-registrations and did other miscellaneous duties to help her husband with his big time job as Secretary-Treasurer. She has even proofread the newsletter along with my wife, Jan.

Larry essentially was the Business Manager of our organization, handling donations, registering the corporation, paying bills, taxes, communications with members, reports to the Board including minutes, organizing nominations for Board consideration, and successfully preparing materials for grants.

Maybe just as valuable as all things mentioned was/is his gregarious smile, handshake, and welcoming greetings in person. If that doesn't lift your spirits, then you need a shrink or stronger whisky. Larry finally reached a point here the stress was wearing on him and his grand-kids wanted more of their really neat Grandpa. Good reason, Rook.

We were extremely fortunate to have Mark Mancuso avaiable to fill his position. It's not too early to tell that he will do just fine.