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Donors Hall of Fame


The road to the Hall of Fame begins with a nomination, and progresses with testimonials and documentation concluding with committee discussions and votes. The discussion regarding Jeff Graver was short and the vote unanimous. Here's Why! Testimonials from peers already in the Hall had some of the following comments: “Hard Worker, Dedicated, Earned the respect of players, coaches and peers at every level he worked; Upheld the integrity of the game; The game was never about him; Never worked with a better partner; instrumental in my development and countless others as an umpire.” This man in blue holds experience at all levels from Nebraska high schools, NAIA, NCAA both at division 1 and 2 and professionally in the Northern League. Of course he was the lead official in the Dodge County League also. Isn't it appropriate that Jeff Graver be honored tonight as one of Nebraska's all-time best umpires? Welcome to the “Hall.”