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     Bob Steinkamp, President, Nebraska Baseball Hall of Fame, has announced the postponement of the February 14, 2021 banquet in Beatrice due to Covid-19 Virus concerns. "A vaccine appears to be eminent and it would be foolish to take the risks until it is actually available and widely distributed." Steinkamp stated. The HOF Board fully intends that the inductees, and/or their friends and relatives be allowed the full experience of being honored for their outstanding baseball achievements in baseball.. The situation is fluid but currently is is hoped that a safe  and convenient banquet could time be found sometime between late spring and late fall of 2021. 

     Notification 30-60 days in advance of the event will be provided as follows: 1. Direct calls to each inductee or their representative.  2.Thru Hall of Fame Newsletter mailings.. 3.  Posted on the Hall of Fame Web site. 4. Through statewide Newspapers. 5. Word of mouth.

     If you have questions, call Bob Steinkamp, 402-239-8000.